August 24, 2022

New CMS Requirements, ongoing

As Medicare Marketing Guidelines continue to evolve, we will be passing along information to assist agents in remaining fully compliant.
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June 20, 2022

2023 AHIP Certification Discounts

Looking for 2023 AHIP discounts and promotions? You've come to the right place!   Most of these 2023 AHIP discounts
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May 27, 2022


SOCIAL SECURITY ANNOUNCEMENT DEADLINE EXTENDED Medicare Enrollment/Disenrollment The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is providing equitable relief to individuals
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May 18, 2022

CMS guidance on COVID SEPs

We have received guidance from CMS regarding use of SEP-DST for beneficiaries impacted by COVID.  Specifically, CMS has advised all
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February 11, 2022

New SEPs This Week

New SEPs announced this week Agents are encouraged to use caution to distinguish between the guidance in effect for each
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February 9, 2022

Social Media Posts

Do you want to market yourself on social media but don’t know where to start? Here are a handful of CMS
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