MedicareCompareUSA understands what it takes to make an agent’s business successful and to help all agents and agencies grow. We provide a broad portfolio of insurance products, with all the necessary offerings to support your client's needs. Our focus and passion are to help agents find more clients, and streamline their business along the way. We work diligently on making sure we are ahead of the competition when it comes to identifying referral programs and providing agents with up-to-date tools and software to support their growth. Below is an explanation of some of our areas of excellence.

What Sets Us Apart From the Others:

Our Products: We have a broad portfolio of products to be a one-stop-shop in the senior health market. We take our name seriously and make sure the products we offer provide financial support and stability for your clients. 

Our Backroom Support: We work very hard to provide the administrative services needed to help our agents stay focused on assisting their prospects and clients in the field.

Our Exclusive Agent Incentives: We pride ourselves in offering a diverse portfolio of incentives, CO-OP, and home office support to help agents achieve their goals.  We carefully test and vet lead generation vendors to make sure our agents are getting the best return on investment. Our marketing dollar programs are here to help you offset your marketing expenses and get you more market visibility.  Kiosks, seminars, radio and newspaper ads, and more…..Let MedicareCompareUSA invest in YOU!

Our Mission: Helping agents always be one step ahead of the competition. We make sure agents receive the right support and guidance to maximize success.  The key to an agency partnership is to invest in one another and bring success in the field.

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