Agent Spotlight

Brad Surrett

MedicareCompareUSA Licensed Insurance Agent
The Surrett Group |

It is never a job if you love what you do! I wish I had entered this industry years earlier. I have been specializing in Medicare insurance for 16 years. This is my second career! I am a 20+ year Food and Beverage Refugee. I have worked in every position in a restaurant, and I gained my first management position at the age of 21. I have worked in corporate restaurants and served as the Food and Beverage Director at historic and major chain hotels. I was an Executive Vice President with a major quick-service chain and have also owned and partnered in night clubs. In my early 40s, I decided that the business was a young man’s game and retired.

I had many conversations with family and friends about what to do next. After considering various ideas, I found insurance to be an attractive choice. I am an accountant by education, so numbers speak to me. I obtained my Life, Health, Property, and Casualty licenses and was off! I got into Medicare insurance by accident. I stumbled across a Broker Manager from UnitedHealthcare. He and I went to lunch, and he asked me if I thought I could sell a product to seniors that would enhance their health care, provide excellent benefits, and not cost them anything. That was the best “yes” I have ever had.

It was not easy at first. I did not have a mentor. I made every mistake in the book and had to be bailed out of several potentially ugly situations. I then found someone to work with, who educated me and provided me with the necessary tools for success. I have since built a small agency. I am now mentoring new and seasoned agents, offering the guidance that I benefited from. I attribute my personal successes to working hard, being teachable, doing the next right thing, and lots of happy accidents!

My agency joined MedicareCompareUSA in October 2016 when we were signing the Emory Healthcare contract. This relationship has been personally beneficial to my agents as well as to me. It has given us the opportunity to advise Emory patients and retirees alike. We have been fortunate to establish many enduring relationships and referral networks.

The Surrett Group is a Medicare consultancy. We believe, “There is no BEST plan, there is the BEST PLAN FOR YOU”! We educate and advise; we do not sell. We are a team that I would not trade for the world. Our membership reinforces this every day, and I would not have it any other way.

On a personal level, my life is a blur! I have three daughters: an engineer, a psychological researcher, and a budding forestry agent (look out Seattle!). I have two sons-in-law, one in genetic research. My wife, Anita, and I are Bopo and Gigi to our 8-year-old grandson! We live in Georgia, just outside of Athens (Go DAWGS!). My oldest daughter and her family are in Milwaukee. There is never a dull moment when we are all together.