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MedicareCompareUSA provides the resources to take you to the next level.

Below are some of the resources we offer. Please contact your National Sales Manager for access.

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Agent CRM

A subset of resources at your fingertips allowing you service your clients with ease.

  • Here you will find easy access to your favorite carrier E-Apps
  • Quick links to our most valuable resources
  • Fast start training items to get you doing activity quickly
  • Access to our multi-use presentation and fact finder that links your inputted client data to their file within the CRM

CSG Quoting & Enrollment Tool

Your one place to quote and enroll Medicare Supplement and senior Dental plans – all on one platform. Run unlimited quotes, add multiple products, and submit in one easy process.

  • Selling—Quote and build proposals with the most accurate rates for multiple product lines with key analytics to make highly informed decisions.
  • Servicing—Be more efficient with client meeting prep. See how you can save valuable time with the ability to generate multiple quotes at once.

Sunfire Matrix

Sunfire Matrix’s simplified quoting and enrollment solutions help ensure seniors purchase the right Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug, and Medicare Supplement plans for their needs (increasing users’ productivity and overall efficiency).

Take advantage of these resources

Agent tools

State of the art quoting and enrollment tools including: CSG Actuarial, Agent CRM, and Sunfire Matrix.

Agent training

Whether you’re brand new to Medicare insurance or you remember when President Johnson established the Medicare and Medicaid programs, we’re here to help you navigate the ever-changing world of Medicare.

Agent collateral

CMS keeps us on our toes. We offer compliant materials to market yourself to potential clients. Request access from your National Sales Manager.

Agent incentives

MedicareCompareUSA is proud to do business with carriers that offer exciting trips for our agents. Request access from your National Sales Manager.

Medicare 101 slidedeck

Are you looking for a polished PowerPoint presentation to walk your clients through Medicare? MedicareCompareUSA makes available an easy to use and fully compliant Medicare 101 with benefit and cost-sharing information.

Lead store

Whether you are a veteran agent or newly licensed, the ability to generate leads will make or break an agent’s career. Marketing tactics may work in one market and not in another so we continuously test and invest in multiple lead channels to bring you the best sources. You want quality leads and results. We want predictable outcomes. Choose from social media, digital, direct mail, and other channels that meet our requirements.

Support tickets

Questions? Submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you.

Add carriers

Expand your offerings and give your clients more options to fit their needs. Our contracting team is ready. Contact them via email when you’re ready, too!




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“It’s an honor to work with such a great organization, run by integrity and extensive knowledge of the industry. Being able to assist patients of hospitals and clinics that depend on our dedication of knowledge in this much confusing world of Medicare, brings me great satisfaction. Also, being available for clients to reach out directly to agents via a 1-800 toll-free line gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are speaking back at the agent that assisted you.”

Marcel Zuzarte, Licensed Insurance Agent

“As an independent person with an entrepreneurial spirit, I cannot think of a better way to make a living. I am compensated well, control my own schedule and I am able to make a huge impact on Medicare beneficiaries who are feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. In a short meeting I am able to clarify how Medicare works and set them on a path to the right coverage. They take comfort in knowing that MedicareCompareUSA and myself will be with them for life.”

Tim Mickelson, Licensed Insurance Agent

“Seldom in the sales arena do you receive such a return on effort: Appreciation, gratefulness, and words of encouragement. Customer trust is the true payoff of being a MedicareCompareUSA agent.”

Debra Dryden, Licensed Insurance Agent

“MedicareCompareUSA has worked exhaustively toward physician/patient education in Medicare and associated plans. MedicareCompareUSA assists agents to become specialized, unbiased navigators in the Medicare plan world. Agents are motivated to move beneficiaries into the plans best suited to their needs and then to assist their clients in the use of these plans throughout the year. Customer service is synonymous with MedicareCompareUSA agents and office support teams.”

Teresa Nansen, Licensed Insurance Agent

“I chose to align myself with MedicareCompareUSA because of the organization’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the Medicare sales industry. MedicareCompareUSA stands out as a leader in providing valuable resources and support that empower agents, like myself, to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients.”

Kyle Akers, Licensed Insurance Agent