Innovative Financial Group (IFG) welcomes Kerri Lenderman, Chief Executive Officer for MedicareCompareUSA, into the podcast studio. IFG’s director of Sales and Marketing, Matthew Murray, gets to the heart of MedicareCompareUSA’s unique niche in the Medicare industry, highlighting the need for change in the healthcare system—the driving force behind their business model. MedicareCompareUSA is an insurance agency and a call center that serves as the Medicare insurance helpline for medical providers.

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Physicians and hospitals recognize the importance of providing clear and impartial information for patients in search of Medicare insurance, yet healthcare staff are generally not trained, licensed, or authorized to serve in this capacity.

We know the most important relationship in the healthcare system is that between patient and healthcare provider and our mission is to protect that continuity of care.

Are you an Exceptional Agent? We Should Talk!

MedicareCompareUSA’s Medicare Insurance Helplines serve as the trusted resource for health systems caring for more than 6 million Medicare beneficiaries nationwide. Our growing national footprint of health system clients offer agents a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a Medicare Ambassador for their local healthcare system.

Become a Medicare Ambassador

Health systems rely on MedicareCompareUSA to ensure patients receive accurate and impartial Medicare information; and that continuity of care is always protected as patients make Medicare insurance buying decisions. This is especially important when patients first become eligible for Medicare and when a Medicare Advantage network disruption impacts access to care. The MedicareCompareUSA Ambassador Program offers rigorous training and support for thoroughly vetted agents to serve as the conduit between their local health system and the Medicare community.