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With AEP right around the corner, it’s important to start preparing to sail smoothly throughout the season.

We have two successful approaches to AEP depending on your client size. These are proven, suggested methods that should help ease your workload and help organize your workflow.

250 Clients or Less

There are multiple benefits of having 250 or fewer clients, including manageability, and being able to add a personal touch.

Although 250 clients are considered manageable, you will most likely still become flustered. When that happens, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance! Your office assistant is there for just that. Feel free to lean on them when needed. One example of leaning on your assistant is to have them send out postcards on your behalf informing your clients that AEP season is coming, and you can help them reevaluate their current plans. This helps inform your clients about AEP and allows them to contact you first about any changes or inquiries they might have about their current situation. It’s never a bad idea to inform your clients about what’s to come to help them (and you) prepare.

More than 250 Clients

The most important part of having 250+ clients is manageability. Do not let your client base add more stress to your day. Instead, use this article to come up with a master plan to rock this coming AEP season while still obtaining that personal touch.

To make this happen, the time to start preparing is now. Wrap up as much work as you can in September so that you can start shifting gears. If you are currently burning the candle at both ends, it is likely that come AEP season you could be feeling burnt out before it even starts.

If necessary, we suggest hiring additional, seasonal help. This could make a world of difference during this hectic time. An extra set of hands might be just what you need to make your AEP season successful.

Lastly, prepare, prepare, prepare. Think of creative ways you can connect with your clients to access personal information you might need during AEP. Come up with some catchy marketing, such as email campaigns, mailers, social media posts, etc. that can help jumpstart the process for your clients. If you need assistance coming up with a creative campaign, we are here to help! You can always lean on MedicareCompareUSA’s creative team for assistance.

We wish you a successful AEP season and are here to help with your AEP success! If you have any questions or would like more suggestions, feel free to call us at 855-735-6392.