Graphic designer on a drawing tabled

Establishing your brand is the best way to gain new customers, and get in front of clients who will need your services in the future.

MedicareCompareUSA is proud to offer custom design services at a fraction of the cost. Think of us as your own, personal design team at your fingertips.

With our design services, you are now able to present your clients with a professionally built website, custom logo design, flyers, and handouts about your services, and much more!

Just think about how much more trust and attraction you will gain from your clients with these tools, just waiting for you to take advantage of.

Plus, depending on the amount of business you submit through MedicareCompareUSA, you could be paying up to 75% off our already low prices.

To see our pricing list with our complete line of design services, contact your sales manager.

We understand that this might be a little overwhelming at first, but we are here to reassure you that the process is very simple. To get started, we suggest:

Step 1 – Logo Design Simply fill out our logo design questionnaire and let us do the work! We will transform your responses into three custom logos for you to review. We will then work closely with you to make sure that the final logo is exactly what you envisioned, send you the finalized files, and use your new logo for future branding moving forward.

Step 2 – Business Card Design Now that you have a new logo, it is extremely important to have consistency throughout all of your marketing materials. Creating a new business card is a great way to start showing off your new logo design and getting your clients used to your new branding.

Step 3 – Website Design This is the most exciting part of the process. A professionally built website will not only impress your clients and bring you current to today’s branding requirements, but it will also serve as another point of contact for future clients, and a place that “does all the talking for you.”

By having a website, you can now showcase your expertise, show how you can help your clients, and even include contact forms where interested prospects can send you direct messages that go directly into your inbox.

If you are interested in any of the services, feel free to contact one of our marketers today for more information.