As an insurance agent, it’s essential to create relationships with your clients by establishing yourself as the knowledgable, trustworthy, and reliable source for Medicare information. Agents who focus on building client loyalty benefit from increased referrals, higher performance ratings, higher client retention, and reduced expenses. By striving to generate this exceptional customer experience with every client, you can successfully increase retention and grow your agency.

Satisfied policyholders are more likely to recommend your services to their family and friends, enhancing your book of business. Follow these steps and develop your client’s trust:

Senior couple shaking hands with Medicare Insurance Specialist


Demonstrate your Expertise

Today many clients can easily compare prices and policy information online. Stay up-to-date on your products and services, digital tools, and take every opportunity to educate them on how these will benefit them.


Communicate Proactively

Not only responding quickly to their needs, but also being in communication throughout the year to anticipate needs and upsell. Remember to call clients who leave bad reviews so you can make things right.



Keep your promises. Follow up with them when promised. Research that extra question they had, and let them know what you learned.


Show your Credentials

Display certificates on the wall, place any titles you may carry in your email signature. Share testimonials and online reviews.


Remind Clients of your appreciation

Sending clients a simple Thank You card after serving them is a great way to reinforce your long term commitment, and generate additional referrals. In this age where customer service often seems like a thing of the past, take the extra time to check-in with your clients periodically to ensure their Medicare needs continue to be met.


Be an Invaluable Resource

Share information on new benefits, updates in the industry, and even wellness tools and tips to keep your clients at their healthiest. Showing that you care about them outside of the paycheck earns loyalty.

Clients are unlikely to leave a trusted agent.

There is stiff competition in the Medicare insurance industry – over 11,000 seniors aging in daily – being able to build and maintain relationships with clients is more important than ever.

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