Wow! Another year has flown by and here we are talking AEP all over again. Once again, thank you for your continued partnership with MedicareCompareUSA! Recently we have won three awards that are a true reflection of all of our efforts and dedication. We won awards for top-producing agent in the country, quality and retention on books of business, and for being a top-producing agency. These are remarkable achievements that all of the MCUSA distribution should be proud to be a part of! It’s only getting more exciting as we head into 2024 and with the exciting expansions in our provider and carrier relations.

With AEP right around the corner, it is important to remember some housekeeping items. Remember to reach out to the Omaha office for any sort of sales, technology, or marketing support you may need. Also be sure to be coordinating with your local carrier reps for any sort of local agent marketing they have for you to take advantage of. Many of the carriers have their own direct mail, retail, online, and warm transfer programs for you to take advantage of and many of our agents are already involved in these activities on top of what MCUSA has to offer. Don’t wait and call in to ask us how we can help you get more plugged in if that is of interest to you.

Again, cheers to another prosperous AEP and I cannot thank you enough for letting MedicareCompareUSA and its affiliates earn your trust and business every day.

Alex Sieler
National Sales Director, MedicareCompareUSA