New Medicare Education Center Now Available Through MedicareCompareUSA

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Free Service Allows Seniors to Learn About Eligibility, Understand Differences Between Plan Options and Easily Enroll in a Medicare Plan Accepted by Their Hospital and Doctor

Medicare Education Center(BELLINGHAM, Wash. – June 18, 2020) — Choosing a Medicare plan is one of the most important decisions any American turning 65 needs to make. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most confusing. But not anymore.

To help Medicare recipients find a plan that is right for them, MedicareCompareUSA today introduced a new online Medicare Education Center. Not owned or managed by any Medicare insurance company, this center provides seniors the unbiased information they need to make informed, intelligent decisions. Through this free service, Medicare-eligible individuals can learn about their eligibility, understand how to enroll in a plan accepted by their hospital and doctor, and discover the differences between different kinds of plans. The portal can be accessed at

“It’s a much-needed resource, particularly for those just turning 65 who have lots of questions and are being inundated with aggressive marketing campaigns from health plans that all look and sound alike,” said MedicareCompareUSA CEO Kerri Lenderman. “This unique portal will help consumers discern the different types of Medicare insurance available to them (Medigap, Advantage, prescription) and explore Medicare plans that best meet their specific needs, preferences and budget.”

Lenderman said that making an informed decision when turning 65 is critical because many people do not realize that most hospitals and physicians don’t accept all insurance options. “If a patient enrolls with a health plan that their providers do not accept, their care and trusted relationships will be in jeopardy,” she says. “Making an informed choice will eliminate any surprises and will create a great sense of peace of mind for the consumer.”

The new Medicare Education Center is particularly timely as the current pandemic has created a new collection of Medicare-eligible individuals seeking coverage—seniors who chose to continue working past age 65 and now find themselves suddenly unemployed due to layoffs or business closures. “These newly uninsured seniors comprise one of the tragic but seldom talked about consequences of the coronavirus,” said Lenderman. “These seniors had coverage under their employer’s health insurance but now need to hurriedly enter the individual insurance market and shop for a Medicare plan. The Education Center can handhold them through the process so they don’t lose precious time becoming Medicare eligible with appropriate coverage.”

As the nation’s leader in its space, MedicareCompareUSA currently supports more than 600 hospitals and health systems from coast to coast who collectively care for more than 10% of the nation’s Medicare population. With its strong foundation and impressive track record, an increasing number of hospitals and doctors are looking to MedicareCompareUSA and MCUSA Consulting as an indispensable part of a proactive patient-communication and population-management strategy.

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