Doctor making facetime call

Telehealth and Telemedicine generally refer to the exchange of medical information from one site to another through electronic communication in order to improve a patient’s health.

Encourage your clients to take full advantage of the 3 main types of virtual services physicians and other professionals can provide to Medicare:

Medicare Telehealth Visits: Currently, Medicare patients may use telecommunication technology for office, hospital visits, and other services that generally occur in-person. For new or established patients only.

Virtual Check-Ins: From the comfort of their home, Medicare patients may have a brief conversation with practitioners via a number of different communication technology options. This includes discussions over the phone, or through an exchange of information through video and/or images. Virtual check-ins can be conducted with a broader range of communication methods, unlike Medicare Telehealth visits, which require audio and visual capabilities for real-time communication. Covered by Medicare.

E-Visits: Medicare patients may have non-face-to-face, patient-initiated communications with their doctors without going to the doctor’s office by using online patient portals.

Let your book of business know about these amazing opportunities today so that care for certain individuals can continue using these productive alternatives.