Whether you are a veteran agent or newly licensed, the ability to generate leads will make or break an agent’s career. Marketing tactics may work in one market and not in another so we continuously test and invest in multiple lead channels to bring you the best sources. You want quality leads and results. We want predictable outcomes.

Choose from social media, digital, direct mail, and other channels that meet our requirements. Following are a few of our featured services.

Medicare Licensed Insurance Agent for MedicareCompareUSA speaking with Medicare eligible couple


Facebook and other forms of digital leads have become an extremely popular method for agents to acquire lucrative prospects. We’ve partnered with a Facebook Lead Specialist to develop high quality leads on demand through our agent portal for a low average cost of $17 a head. The channel has a proven return on investment to grow a book of business.  Ask your Sales Manager about discounts and co-ops.

direct mail

We feature an inhouse Graphic Arts Department, Printshop, and Mail Fulfillment Center. We also partner with several high-volume direct mail houses and design custom and highly effective outreach materials reaching over 100,000 quality mail pieces per week! Agents reap the benefits from direct mail lead costs that are far below industry average. Our special low price of $450 for a 1,000 piece mailing offers agents unmatched opportunity. Ask your Sales Manager about discounts and co-ops.


Health System Medicare Helplines

 MedicareCompareUSA services Medicare Insurance Helplines for 600+ hospitals nationwide. Helplines are promoted through T65 and AEP mail/ email campaigns, hospital websites, social media, and physician office referrals. Our Ambassador Agents (local, credentialed brokers) receive pre-set appointments and referrals coordinated by Helpline call center staff. Ask about our Ambassador Agent Program! 

From a leads and marketing perspective, MedicareCompareUSA utilizes all available digital and traditional campaign formats. We are highly skilled in digital marketing and use multiple social media outlets and longform digital SEO leads. We are the pioneer and market leader of provider branded Medicare Helplines promoted to millions of senior patients during AEP and throughout the year (T65). Our mail house sends hundreds of thousands of direct mail and email each year. Agents can opt in to our proven retention program to retain their book of business! Most importantly, we designed our marketing platforms to allow agents to write Plans all year round, not just during AEP. Contact us to help you grow and retain your business.