Have you Heard of the ABC Referral Method?

Knowing your existing client base presents a huge opportunity to gain referrals. If you can, categorize your clients into three separate categories: A clients, B clients, & C clients. By doing this your client referrals will rise dramatically!

A Clients:


This is the client you bond with the most during the application process. These are clients you speak with regularly. They are the type of client who will always be there to promote you without even asking them to do so. If you host an event, these clients will sign up on the spot to make you feel supported.

THE KEY – You call these clients on a weekly – biweekly basis.

B Clients:


This is the client you have yet to build a relationship with, but are most likely on the verge of establishing. You know that if you reached out to them more often these clients would provide you more referrals. They will attend some of your events. Occasionally they will spread the word about you as their Medicare agent as well.

THE KEY – You as the agent make it a priority to reach out to these clients once a month (for sure), to turn them from a B client to an A client.

C Clients:


This is the client you occasionally talk with. Most likely there was no bond during the application process. These clients will not attend your events, even if they do it once in a great while. The C clients will also rarely spread the word to their friends and family about you as you become their Medicare Agent.

THE KEY – Make sure to reach out to these clients in a different way besides the standard phone call every few months. Send them a Happy Birthday e-mail or card, or even comment on their social media page as a way to interact with them. Make it known you pay attention to what’s going on in their life. This will move them up the latter from a C client to a B client in no time.

Make sure to reach out to one of our marketers at MedicareCompareUSA about other ways to gain referrals through your current book of business. We are here to provide you with ideas, provide you with proven lead and referral streams from over 600 hospitals across the country.

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