Did you know?

18.7 million hospital stays annually are an average length of 5 days, costing about $14,500 per stay for people between the ages of 45 and 84.

Can your clients afford to be hospitalized?

A hospital stay can be traumatic — to their health, their wallet, and their family. Even if they have additional medical insurance, they will most likely have costs that are not covered.

A Hospital Indemnity insurance plan can provide them with supplemental cash benefits to use as needed.

Hospital Indemnity plans are a great cross-selling opportunity while giving your clients peace of mind as to how they can pay hospital bills. Use the facts (to the right) when talking to Medicare Advantage clients about pairing a hospital indemnity plan to help cover hospital out-of-pocket costs. Indemnity plans also limit financial exposure for Medicare Supplement clients who choose a high deductible G plan. Hospital Indemnity plans provide low-cost wrap around cash benefits for out-of-pocket costs due to hospitalization, skilled nursing stays, and other substantial co-pays clients face.

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