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REMINDER: Elixir Insurance has issued the following letter to agents who sold their product last year.

If you have written business in the past and have renewals paying, you MUST recertify with Elixir Insurance to continue to receive those commissions, even though you cannot write new business through 2022 on this plan.

Notices were sent out but if any agent forgot or did not pay attention, your renewals will stop at the end of this year.

Dear Broker,

Thank you for taking care of our Elixir Insurance members. AEP is approaching quickly and even though Elixir is not commissioning Brokers for any NEW enrollments, Elixir will continue to pay out the renewal commissions for all members that remain in the RxPlus plan post AEP.

The 2022 Annual Notice of Change mailing has begun. We know your relationship with your clients is important and some may contact you for advice related to the new plan year benefits. View the 2022 Benefit Preview which includes the Summary of Benefits and details on important changes to help you navigate any questions.


  • There will be no onboarding of any NEW Agents this year
  • Every Broker has to recertify to collect renewal commissions
  • Renewal commissions will be given in full in January for any member still in the Elixir RxPlus plan for 2022
  • The Secure plan is not commissionable
  • Broker reports, such as Commission Statements and Book of Business, are still available on ICM Callidus cloud as usual.

Have questions? Contact us at ElixirAgentSupport@elixirinsurance.com


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