Why should I be interested in Medicare?

There is a massive opportunity with more than 10,000 people turning 65 EVERY DAY. Medicare Advantage commissions create a constant income stream for you with guaranteed and lifetime renewals.

How does MedicareCompareUSA support your downline agents?

Ongoing training to keep you compliant and knowledgeable in the Medicare space. We provide funds for leads, co-op, sponsored events, and much more…

Can I own my book of business?


What makes MedicareCompareUSA so different from other agencies?

MedicareCompareUSA represents leading Medicare plans and features state-of-the-art tools including a Medicare quoting engine and co-op lead support. What differentiates us is our partnership with more than 600 hospitals and physician groups that collectively provide care for more than 6 million Medicare patients nationwide.

I’m already contracted with another FMO, how do I contract with MedicareCompareUSA?

Ask your current upline for a release or initiate an auto self-release with a health plan. Call us and we can help you with details.