Join Taryn Mott for AHIP Study Hall

All Week: Monday June 26 through Friday June 30


There are five modules to the AHIP study guide, so we will tackle one module a day. Break up some of the monotony of studying alone. Remember to have your favorite munchies on hand. I can’t wait to hang out!

“Alone we are smart.
Together we are brilliant.”

– Steven Anderson, Educator


In her role as Director of Provider Referral Operations and Training, Taryn Mott is responsible for supporting agents in our provider channel, managing our Ambassador Agent (AA) and Market Producer (MP) training program, as well as supporting corporate training initiatives.

Taryn is highly experienced with providers, field agents, and carrier operations. Her role provides continued support to an impressive number of healthcare system clients, and will fast track focused markets expansions with providers, enhance agent training, and give support for all agents in the field as our industry evolves. Her credibility as a seasoned licensed insurance agent, provider liaison, and trainer of hundreds of captive and independent agents over the last thirteen years will help motivated agents market themselves, maximize product offerings, and increase their bottom line.