MedicareCompareUSA Launches Agent Ambassador Training Program

Providers, Agents and Medicare Patients All Expected to Benefit From the
Added Expertise and Marketplace Knowledge Flowing From This Unique Program

(BELLINGHAM, Wash. – Feb. 19, 2020) — MedicareCompareUSA announced today the launch of an Agent Ambassador Training program designed to better support hospital and physician group clients in their efforts to attract and retain Medicare-eligible patients.

Piloted in 2019, this unique program is intended to build a team of dedicated agents in client markets who fully understand a provider’s Medicare initiatives and who are specially trained on those topics that impact providers and their Medicare patients. With this baseline of knowledge, agents are best prepared to assist a provider’s patients with Medicare enrollment throughout the year and serve as an invaluable aid to providers when payer contract changes occur.

“While there may be thousands of brokers in any given market, almost none are adequately prepared to represent a given hospital or physician group,” said MedicareCompareUSA CEO Kerri Lenderman. “That is because most brokers represent only one or two Medicare plans with no training on how to represent a provider or their Medicare objectives. Through this program we will not only vet and monitor ongoing compliance with regulatory standards but will also develop a team of brokers schooled in a hospital’s Medicare initiatives and able to represent additional health plans to give consumers choice. This will benefit not only the hospital and the broker but local seniors themselves who look to brokers for informed guidance to make their health plan selections.”

The Agent Ambassador Training program is conducted over a four-week course consisting of computer-based training modules, webinars and face-to-face training. Upon successful completion and demonstrated ability to meet requirements, agents are certified as Agent Ambassadors to support MedicareCompareUSA and its clients and are eligible to participate in ongoing market initiatives and other special programs. These include the agent being integrated into ongoing referral programs and potentially participate in specific activities including Medicare 101 or sales seminars.

“Hospitals take comfort knowing that the agents representing them in the community have had their credentials verified, meet a high bar of professional standards, are knowledgeable about the hospital they are representing to their clients, and are fully prepared to respond to changing needs as the marketplace evolves,” said Lenderman. “This new training program will provide hospitals that level of confidence while providing agents new opportunities for personal development and additional revenue.”

The Agent Ambassador Training program is just one of many initiatives MedicareCompareUSA will be introducing in 2020 to enhance its Medicare service offerings and to better serve its healthcare clients. Looking ahead, Lenderman says that the company plans to launch a new initiative focused on the unique needs of rural health clinics and critical-access hospitals. In addition, the company intends to convene hospital clients with an insurer to bring to market a new Medicare Supplement PPO product that will support Accountable Care Organizations and Medicare population management initiatives with no requirement of hospital discounting or utilization management measurements.

As the nation’s leader in its space, MedicareCompareUSA currently supports more than 600 hospitals and health systems from coast to coast who collectively care for more than 10% of the nation’s Medicare population. With its strong foundation and impressive track record, an increasing number of hospitals and doctors are looking to MedicareCompareUSA and its sister company, MCUSA Consulting, as an indispensable part of a proactive patient-communication and population-management strategy.

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