MedicareCompareUSA partners with Acquire Direct + LeadJig

MedicareCompareUSA has partnered with LeadJig to bring you powerful marketing tools to close more business.

Prospecting has become increasingly complex for agents so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to seek out solutions so you can focus on getting in front of customers. MedicareCompareUSA has partnered with LeadJig to bring you powerful and effective marketing tools.

Results from top-producing agents in the industry are positive as we continually strive to develop and deploy services that enhance your tried and true selling fundamentals with technology and data innovations that get you in front of more prospects.

What other agents are saying:

“I could not be happier with LeadJig, as I am averaging over a 400% return on investment. I spent years spending thousands of dollars on mailers with frustrating results and am now finding a better clientele, working smarter and having so much more fun educating people which I know will only improve my retention. Thanks so much for all your help!” 

Seminar & Webinar Marketing

Seminar, webinar, and workshop marketing services can be deployed across direct mail, digital, and email producing consistent, high-quality results. This enables you to attract the most qualified prospects in your preferred setting and demonstrate your expertise while building trust and credibility.

AEP Marketing

Seminar and webinar marketing isn’t limited to the T65 market. We ran numerous successful campaigns during AEP. Let us know if you want to run an in person event, workshop or a webinar and we can help fill the seats!

Get Started!

Orders must be placed 5 weeks before an event date so start now. Payment is due at time of order.

The LeadJig Marketing Platform allows advisors to manage both online and offline marketing in one place. The platform includes: 24/7 phone services, marketing channel attribution, customized landing pages, customized automatic email correspondence, detailed analytics, prospect data: housing, ages and asset levels, CRM integrations and more!

Seminar packages start at $1,500 which includes, design of the mailer, deployment, and RSVP services.

**All pricing includes postage, premium data, and all delivery costs. 

MedicareCompareUSA LeadJig Brochure
Ask your MedicareCompareUSA Sales Manager for more information about this exciting new program designed to get you in front of more potential clients.